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Enrolment FAQs

Classes are located at community hubs and sport and recreation facilities. These venues are fully equipped with all the infrastructure required for a classroom setting, allowing students to complete theory-based learning as well as practical activities. You can find a list of our classroom campuses here.

Students travel to the classroom and other activities via public transport. SEDA College WA aims to develop students’ independence, confidence and time management skills and independent travel is part of this self-development.

SEDA College WA classes are structured to be delivered in an applied learning setting. Students complete their Senior Secondary WACE, alongside Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications in the areas of Sport and Recreation or Construction and Trade (dependent on their chosen Program), via a hands-on curriculum. Students’ learning environment includes activities based in the classroom, the workplace and the community.

SEDA College’s curriculum has a large focus on student learning and development in an applied setting. 

Yes, students can still be involved in sport and sporting teams outside of SEDA College.

Students are responsible for sourcing their own work placement. In Term 1, through the Apprentice (Year 11) or the Professional (Year 12) Area of Study, students are supported in identifying suitable WPL opportunities. WPL provides students with a hands-on learning experience one day a week starting from Term 2. Students gain an in-depth understanding of the duties they might be expected to perform in the workplace and will acquire the skills that prospective employers need and want in their employees. 

SEDA College WA students who successfully graduate from the College are awarded with the Western Australia Certificate of Education (WACE). The WACE certificate recognises the successful completion of Senior Secondary education but it does not provide an ATAR score. 

SEDA College graduates can continue further education at a variety of institutions. They also have the opportunity to articulate to University via direct entry application upon completion of Year 12. 

Year 12 students also have the opportunity to complete the Murdoch Flexi Track program in Year 12 (upon successfully meeting entry criteria). This is an additional cost to College Fees. 

You can contact our the SEDA College WA team either via phone on (08) 9486 6230 or email info@seda.wa.edu.au

Students can apply via our online application form here.

Students who wish to apply for the Sport Development Program can be at any skill level for their chosen sport. Construction and Trade students, likewise, can be at any skill level for their chosen trade. Please visit our Student Eligibility page for further information. 

Class numbers are limited so we do recommend students apply early in the year. It is encouraged that students allocate multiple class preferences at their interview to avoid missing out. You can find out more about our application process here.

No, SEDA College WA is a registered Independent Co-educational Senior Secondary School, therefore you cannot remain at your current school.

Both Year 11 and 12 are delivered on a full-time basis.

SEDA College doesn’t have any boarding facilities however works in partnership with The Rotary Residential College based in East Victoria Park to offer an accommodation option in Perth. Please click here for more information regarding their boarding facilities. 

The school year is divided across 4 terms, commencing in the first week of February and ending in mid November. Please click here for term dates.

SEDA College is a participating secondary school with MonitorWA and provides SmartRider cards to all College students to be eligible for the concession rate on public transport. All cards will be ordered by the College and distributed directly to the students within Term 1 after commencement at the College has been confirmed. 

You can order a new one by emailing info@seda.wa.edu.au. Please note that you will be charged $5 per new SmartRider.

Students are provided with a College laptop with all course content being accessible via mySEDA so no set booklist is required. We do recommend that students bring a notebook, pens and a USB. 

All College students will be provided with their program specific uniform as part of their program fees. If you have additional questions regarding student uniforms, please email uniform@seda.wa.edu.au.

Students will have two opportunities each year to sit their OLNA Exams (across all components); two opportunities in Year 11 and again in Year 12. If a student doesn’t achieve a component of their OLNA, they cannot graduate with a WACE certificate however, they will graduate with a WASSA certificate (Western Australian Statement of Student Attainment). For more information on the difference between WACE and WASSA, please click here.   

Further Questions?

Please feel free to contact our Admissions Team for more information about SEDA College WA on (08) 9486 6230 or info@seda.wa.edu.au

Download a copy of the SEDA College WA Prospectus to learn more

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